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We rely on our schools to inform us when they are closed. If you think your school may be closed but is not listed below, please contact the school directly.

You can also visit our Twitter page or Facebook page for the latest announcements.

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School closures Eg: Industrial Action

When a school is closed or partially closed, for example due to industrial action, the schools will be listed below in alphabetical order. To see if they are either partially closed or completely closed – please click on each school below for further information.

If your school is not listed below, it is assumed that the school is open as usual.

If in doubt, or for further information, please contact the school directly.



Listen to the radio

You can listen to local radio stations for information on school closures:

 Travelling to school

To view information about gritting or to get general weather information for Walsall  please visit our Walsall Weather website.